Why  I give investors money, return, not risk? It is true or false

Why  I give investors money, return, not risk? It is true or false

It is a well-known fact that investment is risk, It is unbelievable  for someone to bear others’  investment losses, which is the only reason I went to the prison.

Why  I give investors money and take risks for investors? Because I am a capable, credible person, dare to think, dare to say, dare to do and to be responsible,  be a very famous, a promising and momentum-driving  person,  I make the Western society and their people fear, I  mastered the two magic weapons of Western society:  Finance and Justice.

Many people generally think that it is a lie to give investors money, because people are used to defraud  investors’ money, and the suppression of the government’s judicial system  has given me a brand of a crime, stop  me to give investors money to make me a criminal, my great dream and goals have been  slanged to become  a scam.

People don’t know and completely misunderstand the purpose and motivation of me taking risks for investors.

I am kind, ethical, conscience, proactive and charismatic leader, daring to be the first. It is the key and core of the road to my wealth that goes to  Weizhen Tang Wealth, that is, for investment. People make money, in fact, there are very profound reasons and mysteries to give investors’ money, not to take their money. I always wanted to explain to everyone and the public to correct people’s misunderstandings about me and to succeed.

The purpose of the investment is to make money, not for risk. The government and people stress that the risk is to be the responsibility of the investor, because most people do not know how to invest, once they invest, the loss is affirmative, it is  a  matter of the  time,  if they lose, they should not blame others for their losses , give the troubles for  other people, even go to the court, there is a reasons for it, capitalist is a casino and make investors to gamble. The people’s brains have already been washed to take their own loss.

The average person does not know how to invest and where to go and does not have the risk-taking ability.

Most investment managers  do not have the  ability and willingness to take the risk for  others. This is what Weizhen Tang differs from others.

Everyone knows that if you want to make money, you must invest.  You need to make money with money , that is the way to make money in the western society.

The best way to make money is to find a good and capable investor, or to find some stocks, speculate foreign currencies, to invest in real estate, or private business or projects.

Everyone is different, and each has its own opinions and practices. The most effective way  about investing is to find  the people who can make money, I choose to invest people who can make money and the stocks they operate, and find the driving force behind  the people and the stock and the strength of progress. I carefully observe and  watch them. Therefore, the way I invest in stocks is to Watch the people, the key is to look at the company’s CEO , his character, his motivation, his ideals and goals, the way to make money, is the investor, not the table s and charts and reports.

So I want  investors to invest is  to invest  me, investing in me, study  my character, my ability and confidence about my ideals and goals, researching my abilities and past experience, not the stocks and foreign exchange I invest in, or other investment vehicles.  My Investors feel that it makes sense to invest in me, so hundreds of investors give me the money, total 59 million dollars in three years.

The investment I choose must be profitable, at least 1% or more per week, and has to be more than 50% a year. So I can  promise investors 1% per week which  I have a well-documented evidence that I could do.  I cannot  just say it by using my head. I said that it’s that I am  honest. Otherwise it is the real liar. I used to, and now in order to achieve my goal. I must prove that I am a person who can make real money, not by saying, but by doing it, doing it for everyone, and being a person  honest. I not only use past performance, but also have to use real performance. Investors are very difficult to convince to give me the money , it needs actions because they give you their life time  savings and hard-earned money.  In order to convince my investors that I am a profitable generating person, there is  no risk to  invest with me , I will do my best to protect them.

I have recorded my previous experiences and deeds and wrote a  book ‘ The Chinese Warren Buffett “ Many people have watched  me.  First I tell investors and the public the real story, then, I gave the investors a live demonstration of how I made money from the stock market and foreign exchange market, where is my 1% return and risk theory and practice, my 1% market making theory is also suitable in  casinos to make money, I shew and gave  some big and Important investors demonstrate my money-making skills and magic weapons in the casino and works , I raised tens of millions through my casino demos.

My most effective demonstration is in 1996, in the investor’s mutual fund account in 1997, dozens, even hundreds of mutual fund investors watched and check me and their investment accounts every day, saw  my trading  and performance I performance in their accounts , how I invested for them  in a time People were shocked, amazed, and excited.  It’s a astonishment news go viral and spread  to the whole Toronto Chinese Community and beyond.

Because of my good and well known reputation,  In 1999  a Chinese billionaire found me and wanted to cooperate with me and invited me to visit China to visit Xi’an and Beijing, I did.

The second fruitful demonstration was that after I experienced the big bear market  in the North America stock market, I went to  dead end, because the market is not good enough for investors to fear, not to invest, even if they invest in other places with serious losses, they must take money from us to fill other investments. Loss, In the absence of investors and funds, I went to the largest North American stock forum  and I used my unique vision, superhuman wisdom, and rich stock market experience to give real time stock tips, solve their problems in real time, and give them my market analyses.  Jiangshan, for a while, the netizens were so excited, amazed, and exclaimed that they called me a stock god or guru, claimed that they found an investors’ savior.

The name of my stock god and Chinese Warren Buffett was coming  from here, not self-styled or self claimed.  With this experience, my book is much richer, more lively and exciting to read. This public demonstration and performance of the North American Wenxue  City  lead and laid the foundation for the development of my later “Chinese Warren Buffett “ Wealth Road to success.  At that time I started to write a lot of articles about investment based on my own experience and thoughts. I published them  on the Internet. One of the articles  was Weizhen Tang’s talk about “my view of the mystery of Warren Buffett’s investment”, which attracted the attention of some Chinese authorities. Then, in 2004, I was invested by the President of the Asia Pacific Presidents’ Association. To give public speeches to Chinese National Audience the event was  Warren  Buffett’s theory and practice, the Wealth Forum, which made  a sensation in Beijing and Shanghai. Through this performance on the national stage, I decided to write and publish a book.

2006 “My Buffett Wealth Road” was officially published by the Economic Daily Press in China, the publisher is controlled directly by the State Council of China.

The main content of my book is that I am a person who can make money and how to lead everyone to get rich quick and safe.

A mainland immigrant from the Wall Street financial market in North America, a leading international Chinese figure. When people read this book, especially after carefully reading this book, they can’t help but invest in me.

Everyone said that they  read my book before investing in me and why they invest. My Chinese translator told the police said that he invested in me because he read and translate my book and believe everything I said in the book, which is on YouTube and other investors also said this in court when the crown called them witness.

Because of Ontario Securities Commission and the police, the court, Now if investors are afraid to invest in me and avoid being fooled by my book, they decide not to read my book, not to listen to me, to refuse Weizhen Tang’s wealth and temptation, afraid  to swatch  how I trade stocks and foreign exchange. Because of my stock investing and foreign exchange trading, the trading of options are magical, unique, poisonous, and irresistible temptation.

At the beginning of 2008, I wrote to the media and the world that the US financial market and system were on the verge of collapse so  I didn’t invest much and watching the market down and wait for opportunities so we didn’t lose money from 2008 to 2009.

Because my Investors and investors in North American and the World are afraid of the financial tsunami, they run on me  and withdrew the money, I did not  lose money in the crisis  so I feel very fortunate and proud. I hosted the 2009 the second North American Chinese Wealth Summit to celebrate my great success. I made a keynote speech and caused a great sensation.

To be more convincing from January 25th to 30th, 2009, and to prevent the big impact of the financial tsunami, I did not hesitate to demonstrate my real time trading on the first day of lunar Chinese Year, my trading skills and performance to investors and the media.

On January 25th is the New Year’s Day, I use one  million  dollar investment to trade currencies and earned US$310,000  in a few hours which was video recorded and reported by many media outlets , there is trading record of the Interactive Brokers Canada Inc.  because it was the first time facing the media and all my investors, the pressure was huge, the 5-day demonstration was not very ideal,  The move was shocking. In fact, we still had another account with  about 1 million. From mid-January to mid-month, Ii trade and  earned 5 million dollar profits in five weeks. I received $1 million incentive  and service fees. I have all given all to overseas Chinese Fund Limited partnership investors.

Because the financial tsunami investors were running on me, some people did not get the money in time  and in a hurry, they complained to me through a lawyer. The lawyer did not contact me , but OSC.

At the time of crisis, OSC found me as a target and profiled me as a scapegoat of the financial Tsunami.

Because I don’t understand the Western laws, nobody does, I was maliciously charged and wrongfully convicted a crime over $ 5000 by Canadian authority, the western countries and the so-called law. I was slandered.

I was processed by The Canadian national machine and was  shattered.  Because of my strong will and hard work, I have studied the laws of Canada and the judicial means, the way to plunder and persecute our new immigrants.

I can now make big money with Canadian law and make  back the loss. I want  the Canadian government pay for investors through legal means.

In the past, Ontario securities commission would love  to catch people like me who are famous and rich. Now they  may be afraid to catch me because I understand their law.  I also can use the law to catch their wrongful actions and  problems. I have already caught their misbehavior and evil.

Many people, including lawyers, do not understand the law. I have studied Canadian law for nearly a decade, and I went to court many times to deal with judges and lawyers more than anyone else. My judicial  experience is extremely rich.

I can manage lawyers and give them command and my management skills. Therefore, my future lawsuit will be handy. Many people are now looking for me to help them with a lawsuit, but  they have no money. Once I make money from the financial market, I will help them fight for real crimes, the crime judge and lawyers make.

Investment must be risky. In order to have investors to invest in me, I must attract investors and be credibility.

First of all, I must be a person who can make money and give investors a certain return and make them safe.

Investing in the US financial market is the best way to enter the United States and go global. There are many varieties in the US market, including stocks, bonds, options, and futures. There are many tricks, strategies , you can short and go long, the US financial market is huge, there is government regulation and supervision, and the money is safe in their own account and reliable on its own account. North American stock investment and securities trading are legal contracts with high credibility, high transparency, the index and ETFs are relatively small  in volatility,  easy to control risks, and make easy and stable returns.

I used to give investors a live demonstration how I do and what I do and when I do. I gave the investors money  generously, the purpose of giving investors money is promote and  advertise so that all investors can benefit, as soon as possible for me to achieve institutional and national sovereign investment management so I can  use   big money to make safe return,  use huge funds to make money, and make money with the market dealer’s position. It is easy to use one hundred million and ten billions to earn tens of  millions.

Therefore, it is not difficult to invest money. The financial market in North America is a casino for most investors.

If you invest, you will lose money. If you gamble, you will lose money. If you do business, you will lose. Many people don’t know the truth. Investment  is a trap everywhere.

I can’t pay back investors now. The problem now is that investors and people are working hard without careful study and thinking, they lose confidence of me and think that my reputation is ruined, and there will be no chance for in the  financial investment.

Investors can no longer see if Weizhen Tang  has any magical  power  and will not come back again. The only thing I can’t do now is out of thin air or virtual, empty talk, but I need to work hard to make real money for investors.  Money Talks .

 there must be people with vision, judgement and courage and want to make real  money. Investors can choose not to choose me, but relatively speaking, there is no other choices.

If people refuse to contact Weizhen Tang’s investment and resist Tang’s investment, I naturally can’t pay back the money.

Remember what Baidu’s encyclopedia says, we should not forget that:

I ,Weizhen Tang , won the Best Integrity Award of China’s Top Ten Financial Intelligence Persons in 2008, a “Chinese Warren  Buffett” declared by the media, successfully predicted and avoided the US subprime mortgage crisis, brought revolutionary influence to the Chinese investment community, is the world’s financial The field has the iconic “Chinese symbol” and is also a typical representative of wealthy Chinese in overseas Chinese.

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